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Lied / Chanson / Singer Songwriter |

JAMES P HONEY (BURIERS, UK) – Societaetstheater | Alle Veranstaltungen


BURIERS is an obscure cult from London, England (EU) - mournful cello, sweeping violin, crunching drums and the satirical tongue of poet James P. Honey. "This is our press pack... hashtag that"

Musiker: James P Honey, Jamie Romain, Jamie Gillett und Marianne Canning


Große Worte verlieren sie nicht, könnte man den aktuellen Pressetext zur neuen Platte untertiteln, die dann auch einfach nur den Bandnamen trägt. Auf „Buriers“ erzeugen Frontmann James P Honey und der klassisch ausgebildete Cellist Jamie Romain eine düstere Atmosphäre mit gesungenen bis gerappten Texten. Das Ergebnis sind großartige Songs, durchzogen von fragiler Schönheit und wortgewaltiger Aussichtslosigkeit, wie beispielsweise im Song "press pack | lynchmob hero":

where´s the dignity in any of this? get your cv out my face and pass the wine list mate. puny marked man in a media circus of corporate elite and street sweepers. democracy doesn´t exist, at least not while sipping champagne watching the weak west limp along like a plump old git dumb to his imminent demise. you´ve earnt this. you deserve this. ignore reviews - all reviews - and court ignorance. pop is gut rot plopped atop lollipop sticks and sucked by the hideous futility-fancying mouths of bored, accepting, ignorant pawns fornicating with plug sockets. and our saints are sickly rich and proud, our proud are loud and clumsy. the predicament of power in the jaws of power hungry. yeah this is our press pack. hashtag that. smiley.

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