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19.04. 2024
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  • EVILMRSOD (BalconyTV)


Evil Mr Sod

Blue Note

Keine Termine

Canarian in Germany.
Dark as a dungeon.
Sick as a dog.
This machine kills assholes.
I am a demon and I love rock'n'roll.

EvilMrSod is the solo project and also the alter-ego of Pablo Ramón Rodriguez Rivero, singer, guitar player and main composer for Fuckin’ Family Faces, the well known rock’n’roll band from Tenerife, Canary Islands. Born in Tenerife, stranded in Berlin a few years ago and recently moved to Leipzig, he is matured to an impressive singer and songwriter after his first LP.
As "EvilMrSod" he combines very different music styles, it is not possible to label him in one direction. He's different, his style unmistakable. Folk-Rock, Country, Blues... each have their own place with EvilMrSod.

Quelle: Blue Note