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06.02. 2023
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SOUNDSVILLE is a classic Hammond Trio outfit that can go a LOT of places. The history of the Instrument spreads from it's Gospel roots over the greasy funky Jazz recordings of the 60's Blue Note era, psychedelic sounds all the way to Deep Purple. In Soundsville we explore all those incarnations of the Instrument. Italian Hammond organ virtuoso Alberto Marsico and drummer Gio Rossi worked for a lot of big names in the Blues and Jazz Scene: Kenny Burrell, Benny Golson, Larry Taylor & Jimmy Witherspoon, to name just a few. The duo is a seasoned rhythm section and the way they read each other's ideas is something to behold. They formed SOUNDSVILLE with guitarist Lars Kutschke after meeting in 2004. The trio has recorded two albums so far and did a fair share of touring throughout Europe.

As Joey De Francesco wrote: "Alberto Marsico is a fantastic jazz organist, but here You can hear him in another element, a rockish bluesy kind of stuff, which I love a lot, and I've never heard anybody do it better than Alberto."